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President: A. B. Ringland
Secretary: Wm. E. Harmuth

The Boy Scout movement in McAlester and Pittsburg County was organized and developed by the McAlester Rotary Club. The Club raised $1,200, to carry on this work. Rotarian Tom Hale (son of first club President Elmer Hale) took care of the salary and expenses of the Boy Scout Executive. After the Rotary Club got the Scouting movement established, it was turned over to its own separate organization of the people of Pittsburg County.

A system of rapid telephone communication was established whereby the President would call five (5) members and these members would each call another five (5) members, and so on, so that the entire club could be reached in only a few minutes.

Membership reached a total of 90 in this Rotary Year.

Ladies' Night completely filled the large dining room in the Busby Hotel. Each member and his Rotary-Ann brought as a guest a teach in the McAlester school system. J. B. McAlester was the chairperson of this affair.

Club Roster for 1919-1920

Originally compiled from personal interviews, club records and all available means, by Lloyd Puckett (Club President, 1950-1951)

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