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Membership Roste

Full Name Call-Name Classification
1997 Service
ALLFORD, John A. J.A. Senior Active
President, 1965-66
Bill Senior Active*
AULD, Douglas Doug Dentistry - General Practice April programs (1st two)
AULD, Larry Larry Pharmacy
BASKIN, Jerry Jerry Banking - Loans - Real Estate Director (Club Service)
Computer Database Manager
President, 1941-42
Jay Senior Active*
BASOLO, Robert
President, 1992-93
Bob Senior Active
(chemicals - wholesale)
Rotary Information Committee chair
Italian Festival Committee chair
BASS, Wanda Wanda Banking - Management
BAYLESS, Selena Selena Past Service
BEATTY, Phil Phil Chamber of Commerce Executive Volunteer Committee chair
BISHOP, Larry Larry Funeral Service April programs (2nd two)
BLACKMAN, George D. George Senior Active
BLANKENSHIP, William E. Bill Painting - Commercial March programs (1st two)
BOLLINGER, Harvey Harvey Advertising Director (Vocational Service)
March programs (2nd two)
BRICKMAN, Mark Mark Electric Power Service Director (at-large)
Sergeant-at-Arms Committee chair
Group Study Exchange Committee chair
BROCK, Steve Steve Construction Management
BROWN, Judy Judy Librarian
BROWN, Monte Monte Senior Active
Director (Community Service)
President, 1978-79
Don Mortician
BRYAN, Paul Paul Department Store February programs (1st two)
BUTTS, Joe Joe Banking
BYNUM, Roy Roy Senior Active
President, 1974-75
Gerald Senior Active
(automotive motors rebuilding - management)
CHADSEY, Brian Brian Chiropractor
CHATENAY, Jacques Jack Marina Manufacturing Youth Exchange Committee chair
CORBIN, Sherry Sherry Community Relations July programs (1st two)
CURRENT, Lonnie Lonnie Industrial Education Vocational Relations Committee chair
DUDLEY, Dick Dick Engineering Consultant
DUNN, Earl Earl Senior Active
DURAN, Otis S.
President, 1955-56
Otis Senior Active*
DURAN, Robert S.
President, 1987-88
Bob Senior Active
Internet Webmaster
Information Systems Committee chair
ENGLISH, Cynthia Cynthia Oil & Gas Properties Fellowship Committee chair
ETTNER, Fred Fred Plumbing Supplies - Wholesale
EVANS, Bruce Bruce Senior Active
(administrative law judge)
FOWLER, Kevin Kevin Banking - Mortgage
FRAMPTON, Gordon Gordon Manager - Recycling
FREEMAN, John M. John Banking - Commercial
GORMAN, Richard Richard Insurance - Sales
GREEN, Paul T. Paul Senior Active
HALE, Elmer Jr. Bud Senior Active
HALL, Roy Bruce
President, 1981-82
Bruce Senior Active
(bank president)
Awards Committee chair
HANWAY, Wayne Wayne Library Director Crop Walk Committee chair
HEWITT, Jim Jim Senior Active
HOUSE, Cliff
President, 1994-95
Cliff Christianity - Protestant
IMPSON, Hi Hi Senior Active
(printing and office supplies)
IMPSON, Kimberlee A. Kim Office Suppliers - Retail Club Bulletin Editor
Bulletin & Public Relations Committee chair
Club History Committee chair
JAMES, Terry Terry Education - School Administration Director (at-large)
Attendance Committee chair
Four-Way Test Committee chair
President, 1985-86
Tom Senior Active
Rotary Park Committee co-chair
JORDAN, Bruce Bruce Insurance - Real Estate Meals on Wheels Committee chair
JORDAN, Mark Mark Engineering Director Membership Committee chair
KAMPMAN, Kevin Kevin Newspaper - Publishing
KENNEDY, Craig Craig Optometrist September programs (1st two)
LaGRONE, Robert
President, 1971-72
Bob Senior Active
President, 1991-92
George Senior Active
Grant Review Committee chair
LAYDEN, Patrick Pat Law Practice - Family January programs (1st two)
President, 1976-77
Don Senior Active
May programs (2nd two)
LINDLEY, Jack R. Jack Motel Management
McGOWAN, Mike Mike Senior Active
(bank chairman)
MANN, Vernon Vern U.S. Air Force - retired Classification Committee chair
MAY, Albert Al Past Service
MAY, Ronnie Ronnie Law Practice - Civil February programs (2nd two)
MILLER, Greg Greg Banking - Loans - Installment May programs (1st two)
MILLER, Noble Noble Senior Active
MILLS, James L.
President, 1963-64
Jim Senior Active*
President, 1969-70
Wayne Senior Active
MORGAN, Joel Joel Internet Service
NELSON, Angie Angie Electric & Appliance - Management August programs (1st two)
NORTHERN, Fred Fred Veterinary Medician - Small Animals December programs (2nd two)
OWENS, Ann Ann Communications Community Projects Committee chair
PAIN, Jeana Jeana Real Estate
PRUITT, Mike Mike Corrections - Case Manager
RANDALL, Charles L. Charles Senior Active
(high school principal)
RENEGAR, Brian Brian Veterinary Medicine July programs (2nd two)
ROBERTS, James L. Jim Senior Active
(concrete service management)
ROCKABRAND, Walter Walt Christianity - Episcopalian January programs (2nd two)
SANTINE, Clem Clem Life Insurance Sales August programs (2nd two)
SATHER, Ronald Ron Senior Active
SAUNIER, Randy Randy Real Estate Agency Vice President
Programs Committee chair
SAUNIER, Robert M.
President, 1980-81
Bob Senior Active
Rotary Park Committee co-chair
SAVAGE, Kelly Kelly Automobile Service November programs (1st two)
SCIFRES, Karl Karl Small Business Education Music Committee chair
SELLMEYER, Jeff Jeff Senior Active
(stocks and bonds)
November programs (2nd two)
SEMPER, Karl Karl Plant Manager
SHULLER, Thurman
President, 1964-65
Thurman Senior Active
(retired physician)
President, 1996-97
Lucy Education - School Superintendent Director (immediate-past-president)
SPINKS, Sunny Sunny Poultry Processing - Accounting June programs (2nd two)
TAYLOR, Steven W.
President, 1986-87
Steve Senior Active
(district judge)
Rotary Foundation Committee chair
President, 1954-55
Arch Senior Active*
President, 1997-98
Jim Government Service - Special Weapons President
THORNTON, Robert Bob Flooring - Retail
TIPPIT, Brian Brian Insurance Producer
TIPPIT, Edwin Charles Chuck Senior Active
President, 1988-89
Fred Senior Active
President, 1995-96
Gene Banking - Marketing
WARD, Ron Ron Penal Institution - Warden June programs (1st two)
WARE, Phil Phil Christianity - Methodist
WASHINGTON, Loise Loise Congressional Aide Student Guests Committee chair
October programs (2nd two)
WATKINS, Gail R. Gail Senior Active
(glass service)
Director (International Service)
Fund Raiser Review Committee chair
WAY, Shirley Shirley Senior Active
WEBER, Larry Larry
WELCH, Edward Ted Arts & Drafting Education Community Pride Committee chair
September programs (2nd two)
WHIPPS, Tim Tim Senior Active
(Certified Public Accountant)
WILLIAMS, Helen Helen Massage Therapy
WYNN, Donnita Donnita District Attorney December programs (1st two)
WYNN, Timothy D.
President, 1982-83
Tim Senior Active
October programs (1st two)


Honorary Members
Full Name Call-Name
EDWARDS, William J.
President, 1943
Bill Honorary*
FOSTER, Burba Burba Honorary*
TUA, John H.
President, 1943-44
John Honorary*

*attendance requirements waived

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