Rotary Club of McAlester, Oklahoma

Club Number 2484
(Organized October 14, 1914 - Chartered in 1915 as Club Number 164)
Weekly Meetings Tuesday at noon
The Meeting Place 104 East Choctaw, McAlester, Oklahoma, USA


Club Service

Rotary Avenue of Service

Club service involves all of the activities necessary for Rotarians to make their club function successfully.


Harvey Bollinger
Director for Club Service
Committee Rotarians in Service
Attendance Angie Nelson, chair
Month Captain Team Members
JUL Gerald Calaway Larry Auld; Selena Bayless; Roy Bynum
AUG Fred Ettner Jack Chatenay; Tary Clump; Dick Dudley
SEP Richard Gorman Reg Freemyer
OCT Sue Hawkins Bruce Hall; Bob Harrington
NOV Bruce Jordan Cliff House; Kim Impson
DEC Joel Morgan Mark Jordan; Craig Kennedy; Don Lewis
JAN Jim Roberts Mike Pruitt
FEB Sunny Spinks Clem Santine; Lucy Smith
MAR Brian Tippit Jim Thompson; Bob Thornton
APR Loise Washington Gene Walker; Phil Ware
MAY Tim Whipps Shirley Way, Ted Welch
JUN Tim Wynn Chris Wilson; Donnita Wynn


August 10th: District Governor's Visit

June 27th: Installation of Officers and Directors

Terry James, chair
Month first 2 Tuesdays second 2 Tuesdays
JUL Ann Owens J.A. Allford
AUG Bruce Hall
August 10th is District Governor's Official Visit
Wayne Hanway
SEP Doug Auld Don Brumley
OCT Vern Mann Wanda Bass
NOV (Kevin Fowler - moved away) Cliff House
DEC Ronnie May Phil Ware
JAN Bob Harrington Terry James
FEB Karl Scifres Loise Washington
MAR Brian Woodliff Jack Lindley
APR Brian Renegar Larry Auld
MAY Larry Bishop Steve Brock
JUN Brian Chadsey Fred Ettner
June 27th is Annual Installation of Officers and Directors

5th Tuesday in any month will be filled with Classification Talks or Club Assembly programs
Bulletin & Public Relations Kim Impson, chair
Wanda Bass
Fred Turner
Hi Impson, Jr.
Information Systems Bob Duran, chair
Phil Ware
Mike McGowan
Doug Auld
Terry James
Bob Thornton
Joel Morgan
Fred Ettner
Classification & Membership Steve Taylor, chair
Karl Scifres
Jeff Sellmeyer
Reg Freemyer
Fellowship Don Lewis, chair
Thurman Shuller
Mark Jordan
Steve Taylor
Ronnie May
Paul Bryan
Fred Northern
Lucy Smith
Monte Brown
Brian Chadsey
Reg Freemyer
Rotary Information Bob Basolo, chair
Gene Walker
Randy Saunier
Bob Duran
Larry Auld
Noble Miller
Monte Brown
Gail Watkins
Harvey Bollinger
J.A. Allford
Club History Kim Impson, chair
Randy Saunier
Thurman Shuller
Bob Basolo
Lucy Smith
John Tua
Music Jim Thompson, chair
Karl Scifres
Cliff House
John Tua
Loise Washington
Sergeant-at-Arms Paul Brown, chair
Brian Renegar
Clem Santine
Fred Turner
Bob Thornton
Brian Tippit
Don Brumley
Brian Chadsey
RAH - Rotary After Hours Kim Impson, co-chair
George Lampton, co-chair
Brian Tippit
Joel Morgan
Larry Bishop


Attendance Committee

This committee is charged with the responsibility of greeting Rotarians and guests as they come into the meeting room for our Tuesday noon Club meetings. They also mark the attendance roll, assist our Club members with getting their name badges out of the boxes as they come in, announce visiting Rotarians and guests of our Club members when called upon by the presiding officer during the meeting. Another important duty is to arrange for a Club member to give the invocation, and to notify the presiding officer who will be doing that function. Our Club has established a "secret handshaker" procedure - this committee selects a Club member to be the "secret handshaker" and provides him with a dollar bill, which is won by another person who greets and shakes the hand of the "secret handshaker", based on the number selected by the "secret handshaker" (e.g., 4th or 5th or 8th person to shake his or her hand at that meeting).

The chairperson of this committee normally has a number of committee members and schedules two or three each to work at specific meetings - typically for one month at a time. The chairperson should be present personally at the attendance desk for every meeting possible, to assure the efficient functioning of this important task.

Programs Committee

This committee is responsible for arranging speakers or other suitable presentations as the main program at each of the Club's meetings throughout the year. In our Club, this committee is traditionally chaired by the Vice President of the Club. Some years the chairperson recruits one member for each calendar month, and other years the chairperson recruits two members for each calendar month (with each member being responsible for two weeks of programs - the "5th Tuesday" occurring once each quarter typically being devoted to a "Club assembly" type of meeting or some other intra-Club function, without a speaker or guest program involved). The chairperson is responsible for reminding his committee members as their scheduled programs time approaches, and assuring that the arrangement of a program does not go overlooked.

Bulletin & Public Relations Committee

This committee handles the public relations matters for the Club, dealing with newspapers, radio and television, as appropriate. Our Club bulletin - The McA-Rota - is also the responsbility of this committee

Information Systems Committee

This new committee is responsible for handling the Club's interactions with the internet and World Wide Web, including e-mail and our WWW website.

Classification & Membership Committee

This committee is responsible for handling the assignment of suitable Rotary classifications for new Rotarians, and for changing older members classifications to Senior Active, as appropriate. This committee also encourages individual Rotarians to seek out suitable candidates for membership, and to plan and organize membership drives or campaigns from time to time.

Fellowship Committee

This committee is in charge of working to improve the fellowship among Rotarians, both at the weekly Club meetings and in special social events throughout the year, such as a Ladies' Night or similar function.

History Committee

The Club History Committee is in charge of keeping and maintaining historical records of the club and preparing and updating a history of the club and its activities through the years.

Rotary Information Committee

This committee is responsible for maintaining a bank of helpful information about Rotary International and also our own local Rotary Club, and presenting the information in a concise, but complete, manner to new Rotarians at special Indoctrination Meetings.

Music Committee

This committee handles the Rotary sing-along which begins each of our Club meetings, including arranging for a pianist and a song-leader for each meeting.

Sergeant-At-Arms Committee

This committee is charged with responsibility for maintaining order at Club meetings, under the direction of the presiding officer. The members of this committee are also in charge of being certain that all of the supplies and paraphernalia needed for Club meetings is in place before the meeting time - including banners, podium, Rotary bell, Rotary fine wheel, members' badge boxes, songbooks, attendance roster, guest cards, flags, and so on.

RAH - Rotary After Hours

This committee is rather new to our club and is charged with developing social events for those McAlester Rotarians who wish to participate, evenings or weekends, of various types. At this time, the primary focus is on the monthly McAlester RAH (Rotary After Hours) social gathering meeting at 5:30 P.M., for one hour, on the 4th Thursday of each month (meeting dates are changed due to holiday seasons or other conflicts - check with Club President, Club Secretary-Treasurer, or someone on the RAH Committee to be sure of meeting time and date and location). Meetings will probably be moved around to various locations but at this time are being held at The Ice House on East Choctaw Avenue, near 5th Street. The Club Board of Directors has approved attendance for one hour at the regular RAH meeting as a "club service activity" eligible to serve as an attendance make-up, just like make-ups for attending regular meetings of other Rotary Clubs. The make-up can apply for a regular club meeting missed within 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after the RAH meeting date. For detailed information, please contact the Club Secretary-Treasurer.

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